Domestic GSM Dialer

Domestic Gsm Dialer

A domestic Voice Process is a Business Process , where call center, which is located in your own country and which handles your office work like customer care, finance, human resource, etc. based on your requirements. All the services and scope of operations of these domestic call centers are the same as that of an international call center.

How it’s Work?

A GSM dialler is a device that can be connected to your alarm control panel.It is highly useful if you don’t have a land line present as this module,
combined with a sim card will allow communications with the outside world. Your alarm will use this device to call you in the case that your alarm is triggered. It is becoming more and more common as people reduce their reliance on the home phone line.This device requires a sim card.

Main Features

  • GSM based speech and SMS dialer
  • Micro-controller based
  • 18 key back lit key pad
  • 16×4 LCD display
  • 2 voice messages
  • Separate intrusion message
  • Separate fire message
  • 15 telephone numbers for each message
  • 15 telephone numbers for fire message
  • 20 second recording time for each message

Outbound Domestic Call Center Dialer

CloudsDial outbound Domestic dialer effectively integrates all outbound processes (telemarketing, Sales, Surveys, Collections, etc.) with the process life cycle. It precisely manages outbound calling to achieve maximum productivity by supporting a variety of campaign and list management strategies.

Inbound Domestic Call Center Dialer

We are a well established inbound call center service provider having efficient and customized call center services to meet your specific business requirements and having an experience of inbound customer service operations over a number of years.

In today’s cutthroat business environment,one needs every possible advantage to keep business growing,Inbound call center services plays a key role to turn potential customers into valued clients.

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